THRIVE XO is an organization that seeks to associate and collaborate with those who have the understanding and acknowledgment of harmonizing biologic factors with immune health, wellness, and prosperity practices as the fundamental principles of a utopian society that serves to maximize longevity and incentivize healthy living for all.


We exist to spread prosperity. Due to the recent global health crisis, the supply chain is broken and farmlands are shrinking as agricultural land is becoming scarce. California, alone, was already in desperate need of over five million new units of affordable housing. Families are pressed to find space and housing that is built with the inhabitant’s health and emotional/mental/spiritual wellness in mind.  There is a great need to build immunity through nature and to collect lands, residences, and farmlands to ensure economic prosperity and vitality for all mankind.

He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the world…”

ThriveXO is a community-based initiative that brings health, wellness, and prosperity into the home and community, helping residents thrive at home and within our communities. Every aspect of the residents wellbeing is sought to promote harmony and wellbeing throughout the individuals, homes, businesses, and community.

We believe the world should embrace enlightenment, wholism, and collaboration by thriving in biophilic wellness homes and communities that encompass environmentally-friendly lifestyles with luxurious accommodations in sustainable live / work / vacation surroundings with like-minded individuals.

The project will provide a retail showcase of products and services that are focused around sustainability, such as Green Energy, Organic Plant-Based Vegan Foods, Structured Water, Fitness, Immunity-Boosting  Beverages, Alternative Medicine, Metaphysical Methodologies and the latest Technologies that balance energy, mind – body – spirit for wellness. Lastly, a Conscious Business Center for Entrepreneurs to Co-Work and Collaborate.

Developments will include State-of-the-Art Wellness Rejuvenation Centers featuring Wellness Equipment, Vacation Housing, Organic Fruits, Vegetable, and Herb Gardens, Plant Medicine Farmacy, Vegan Food Distribution, Community Cafés, Restaurants, and Bars, Community Directory, Wholistic Education Center, Conscious World Marketplace, all available for on-site or at-home consumption at the touch of a finger through our community app.

THRIVE XO Collaborative Conscious Business Centers

Funding Opportunities for wellness and vagen projects are dramatically changing as capital from generous philanthropists has allowed environmentally friendly foundations to expand their giving focus and strengthen their outreach. With various incentivized fundraising avenues available, reliance on one source of funding has become obsolete, giving donors and supporters the opportunity to not just make a difference, but to gain a return on their social equity practices.

Thrive XO will focus on independent private funding via Thrivestors™ purchasing convertible notes and selling Prosperity Coin Tokens, which is our community currency, redeemable for products, services, and stays, currently backed by Ethereum. Thrive XO will build its own blockchain and convert these tokens to out private blockchain. Early adopters will receive the tokens at a low price, which will begin selling at $1 per token and raise to $100 per token within one year. The initial offering is 100,000 Tokens out of 100,000,000 total tokens.

Thrive XO Goals

Thrive XO has six primary projects to Achieve Ten (10) Goals for World Prosperity. These goals are deployed in six sectors to build and sustain its integral mission.

Thrive XO has Six Primary Projects to Achieve Ten (10) Goals for World Prosperity. These goals are deployed in six sectors to build and sustain its integral mission.

1.  International Wellness Resorts

Our International Wellness Resorts include a virtual wellness center for international distribution in an online portal that combines video-on-demand and live-video coaching and appointments. Visitors will experience synergistic wellness principles with rejuvenation, revitalization, dietary, strengthening, and flexibility activities, including meals, supplements, lessons, equipment, and tools that support inner peace and homeostasis to elevate individuals and their family’s lifestyles. Delivery will be available to sync products, services, and experiences that enhance and improve the life of the participant.

2.  Plant-Based Living Communities with Collective Freedom Farms

Veganism is the spiritual practice that leads to enlightenment by avoiding harm to all living beings. Spiritual oppression is linked with one’s choices; creating their material condition.

Eating a plant-based lifestyle is not just healthy for your body and good for the environment, it’s necessary to achieve world peace.” 

Our Communities focus on Plant-Based Living and feature Collective Freedom Farms to guarantee individuals, families, and communities access to grow, produce, cultivate, purchase, consume, and distribute nourishing natural, organic produce and plant-based food products, all while supporting cooperative agriculture. This goal teaches families to be self-sufficient, as well as advances the spirit of prosperity; producing natural holistic food and medicine. We use modern farming methods such as vertical gardens, hydroponics, and fractional farming to ensure that no family goes hungry and every individual receives brain and body-positive food choices and water to enhance performance, vitality, and quality of life.  We uphold ethical vegan principles for karmatic and compassionate reasons; respecting all life; especially that of our own and of animals. We do not condone the consumption of any sentient being(s), due to the negative impact of suffering upon the being, as well as mind, body, soul, plane(t), and universe. These principals allow the highest amount of goodwill to flow into our communities and strengthens the tenants of wellness. We cannot realize world peace and prosperity while animals and aquatic life suffer.

3.  Wellness Food Stores, including Juicery, Farmacy, and Cafe(s)

Our Wellness Farmacies, Cafés, Juiceries, and Natural Food Stores will provide various organic options and classes for wellness lifestyle products, including equipment, herbal remedies, medicinal, and food products that are organically produced for healthy results.

Thrive XO’s stores will feature products and services produced by the Project’s Contributors, Members, Vendors, Sponsors, Thought Leaders, and Community Partners that demonstrate a dedication to Conscious and Ethical Business Practices.

4.  Collaborative Live / Work Communities

Collaborative Live / Work Housing in Biophilic Luxury Developments are residential, commercial, hotel, resort, and villa communities where like-minded people commune in natural habitats that promote learning, growing, healing, and productivity. LUXRE homes will be designed to eliminate environmental toxins that can hinder wellness and productivity by incorporating modern, aesthetic designed architecture into live / work surroundings intended to detoxify, restore, transform, and exemplify abundance.  Visitors will be able to choose their own home in the community – or choose to take the experience home with them and have every amenity delivered to their home property, including the housing units.

5.  StayWell® Resort

Stay Well Resort® vacation communities will embody a lifestyle of Complementary Alternative Medicine, featuring international tourism from individuals and groups that desire to indulge in wellness, as they experience a transformational and naturally restorative immunity-building lifestyle while on vacation or business.

Dive into the Fountain of Youth, Languish in its Healing Waters, Divulge in Decadent Plant-Based Drinks, Foods, and Deserts created for health, weight loss, and rejuvenation. Experience Mind-Body Bliss with Confidential and Private Sessions with the World’s Greatest Minds in Personal Development, Holistic Medicine, and State-of-The-Art Synergetic Wellness Equipment, combined with the finest quality naturally occurring reportedly Anti-Viral, Anti-Inflammatory, Wholistic Detoxifying Elements like natural stones, organic herbs, exotic salts, therapeutic botanicals, and structured waters – with options available for visitors to take their entire experience home from the THRIVE XO® community app. Proceeds benefit World Prosperity Network’s Initiative to support animal shelters, vegan and eco-friendly community outreach programs.

6.  Conscious Business Center and Directory

THRIVE XO Collaborative Conscious Business Center

The Conscious Business Center will encompass an on-site facility, as well as digital app-based resources for entrepreneurs and business professionals to benefit from mentors, coaching, curriculum, and tools that build, grown, and enhance their enterprise concepts. We provide valuable services like office space, business development, business coaching, strategic business planning, business finance, and collaboration with other 150 companies to deliver the best launch platform for conscious small businesses with a culture of prosperity. Levels of collaboration include supporters, thought leaders, sponsors and industry partners. Contributors may speak in our digital and physical forums, and receive access and specialty marketing opportunities to our entire network of interested clients, collaborators, and professionals.